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display issues

Let me geek out for a sec: I’ve reinserted the correct doctypes and appear to have a display problem on at least some browsers (IE6/Win2000, but not on Mozilla 1.0/Mac). Basically, the “main” div that holds all the entries is showing up south of the right-hand column. Get back up there, bastard! Of course, I’m a long, long way from XHTML validation, but I think TrackBack may be causing a problem somewhere in there. If anyone has any ideas about what’s wrong, let me know.

2 comments on "display issues"

  1. meester t says:

    haven’t got a solution for ya, but thought you should know that it all looks a bit funky in ie6 xp too

  2. D says:

    You know, I’m almost positive it’s a problem with the “MTTrackBackData” tag. I’ll see if the magical MT forum pixies can help me sort it out when I have a chance.

    But oddly, both IE 5.1 and mozilla 1.1 on mac work fine.

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