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cujo gone

My local professional ice sport franchise has lost their attack-dog goaltender.

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  1. D says:

    And has purchased an eagle.

  2. king says:

    Jesus, I can’t believe Belfour’s site. It’s way better than most hockey player sites I’ve seen. He even keeps a journal on it, albeit an irregular one.

    Did you read it Sanks? He says he recuperates mentally and physically by working on his muscle cars up in Michigan.

    Righteous. I think we picked up the right man. He’s a total wildcard too; he’s the one that got caught at a motel smoking crack with a hooker, and then offered the arresting officer a billion dollars to let him go. Just wait ’til he hits the Big Smoke and goes on a season-long bender. Can’t wait.

  3. D says:

    Oh yeah, that’s the shit. Eddie loves to drive fast and he lets it all hang out at the track . Getting better and finding speed means pushing the limits. It’s on that edge that “The Eagle” likes to soar. Eddie’s fastest run to date is 8.16 seconds or 165+ mph in the quarter mile. Now that’s sssssspeeeeeeeeeed!! – from the “Belfour on Wheels” section

    I’m thinking this guy will play well. They say they can track down where his shittiness started in the season before last, and it’s related to a big fight with Hitchcock… like he stopped trying. I don’t think it was a Baumer-style meltdown, I think it was intentional. Don’t get on Eddie’s bad side, obviously.

  4. king says:

    Yeah don’t. Or he’ll stop trying, and then smoke some crack and fuck a hooker — all in the same year. Watch out.

  5. BRIAN says:


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