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baconnaise wins!

baconnaise logo

The people have spoken; the poll is decided. Baconnaise is the most anticipated hot new product. As you can see, initial package designs and marketing plans have been initiated.

Baconnaise was an idea my friend Andy had. At the time, my favorite foods were mayo and bacon. I used to go on and on about them. Cleverly, Andy made a t-shirt that combined the two, which I still have, although it’s pretty faded now. Anyway, his sound idea has been backed up by the readers of this blog, who I can only assume are cultured taste-influencers of the highest order. Perhaps you people have foreseen a backlash against the current trend towards healthy living and eating. Maybe in a few years, sustained immobility will be the hip new thing; our nation’s elite will wolf down deep-fried pork-stuffed sandwiches and drink cheese shakes as they wheel themselves around the hottest clubs in their mechanized carts. Sounds pretty sweet to me.

I’m taking down the poll until I have a bright idea for another one. I seem to have a case of pollster’s block at the moment.