Angry Robot

new poll

Allow me to draw your attention toward the new poll, located to the left and down from where you are staring now. Yeah, that’s it! Please help me accrue vital market data. I’ve become aware that – contrary to what Mr. Bacharach would have you believe – what the world needs now is new, exciting products, and you can help me figure out what they are.

The last poll was a runaway success: 60% of you thought that there should, in fact, be a poll on this site. Unfortunately, 26% of you called me an idiot, but rightly so, as I presented that as an option. Simultaneously, that same 26% observed that there was already a poll on this site! You clever people, of course there is.

There is also a darker issue that I need to bring up: low voter turnout. If democracy is to work, my friends, you need to vote. 23 brave souls voted this time around on the issue of poll presence – their voice has been heard, and now there (still) is a poll! I know for a fact that the majority are not voting; my server logs tell me this much. So speak up, “silent majority” – but please don’t elect Nixon again.