Angry Robot

hello, poll

Well, I spent a freakload of time trying to sort out the poll that you should be seeing to the left side of the page. When I first got it going, I was pleased with myself and voted “yes.” Soon after, when it broke down again, I wanted to press “no” repeatedly, but of course it wasn’t working, so I couldn’t.

I hope to use the poll to let you, the reader, speak out on a variety of pressing issues. Also, I want to democratize my life a little more. My life is a dictatorship right now! The people should be deciding what movies I rent, what clothes I wear, whether to go with the a) bowl cut, b) mullet, c) shaved receding hairline look, d) “monk”, e) rat tail. But first off, let me know whether you even give a fuck, and whether it’s working or not. Thanks, yo.