Angry Robot

3D camera

One thing I’d like to have some time in the future is a 3D video camera. It would basically be a camera with a memory and a sense of its own position relative to its environment. If you panned around a room, for example, it would remember the position and appearance of all the objects therein, so later you could change its virtual position and movement to whatever you like. You could shoot a scene, and when you were done, it would alert you to any spots it had missed: “you need to film the back of so-and-so’s head,” or “I never saw the table from the other side.”

My little chatbot project is ongoing, although it’s much harder than I previously thought. I may need a CGI-based rather than a Java-based one. The Michael Moriarty Project: Island of the Michael Moriarty will resume next week, possibly with a screening of Q: The Winged Serpent.

Until then, I retire to the north, unavoidably offline.