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The Lessons and Questions of the iPhone X and the iPhone 8

How Apple Plans to Change the Way You Use the Next iPhone

Saying Apple “has tested” not even having a virtual home button on the screen – instead it would be a swipe up from bottom.

A preview of the first wave of AR apps coming to iPhones

How much will the new iPhone cost?

Horace Dediu is predicting the price ceiling will be $1100, so perhaps $999 for the starting rung of the fancy (Pro?) model

Daring Fireball: Speculation Regarding the Pricing of and Strategy Behind This Year’s New iPhones

Thorough explanation of why a high tech OLED “iPhone Pro” would have to cost a lot ☹️

Ming-Chi Kuo Predicts iPhone 8 Will Omit Touch ID Entirely, Come in Limited Color Options

No Touch ID? Interesting.

I smashed my phone recently now and am using a backup iPhone 5s, and find myself reading iPhone rumours with much more eagerness.

How the iPhone Was Born: Inside Stories of Missteps and Triumphs

Apple’s AR is closer to reality than Google’s

ARKit hasn’t been out for long and already some pretty crazy things are going down

iPhone 8 to Feature 5.8-Inch OLED Display With 5.15-Inch Main Screen and Virtual Buttons Below

Similar size to the 4.7″, yet big screen