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Disney announces $12.99 bundle for Disney+, Hulu, and ESPN+

This is quite cheap really. Wonder if there will be an option for Disney+ on its own though?

Netflix shares audience numbers for (some of) its TV shows and movies

And they are very large. 80 million worldwide for Bird Box, 40 mil each for You and Sex Education.

TVAddons Is Being Sued by Bell, Rogers, and Others for Piracy in Canada

Vice Was Built on a Bluff. What Happens When It Gets Called?

For almost 25 years, Shane Smith’s plan for Vice was that, by the time the suckers caught on, he’d never be stuck owning the company he co-founded.

The Rise in Self-Proclaimed Time Travelers

They’ve come from the future for two reasons: 1) To save us from ourselves; and 2) to make YouTube confessionals

Nasim Aghdam’s Massacre Is Part of the Crisis of Big Tech

Disney’s reported streaming service plans show the company is sticking with what already works

We Are Truly F#%ked: Everyone Is Making AI-Generated Fake Porn Now

Hollywood studios join Disney to launch Movies Anywhere digital locker service

Sounds like a good service,
a good ten years too late

Apple readies $1B war chest for Hollywood programming

RED’s ‘Holographic Media Machine’ Feels Like an April Fools’ Joke

Red is weird. So it seems like they want to release a smartphone-based camera system. Makes sense given their business and the state of the industry (smartphones have eaten the low- and even mid-range camera market). But the press release-cum-pre-order says its “modular” and what you’re buying for $1200 here isn’t actually a camera, it’s a fancy phone gussied up with features and/or marketing buzzwords like “holographic”, “nanotechnology”, and “multi-dimensional audio”. Further “modules” not available at launch (Q1 2018).

But I still remember how skeptical people IN THE CAMERA INDUSTRY were about the Red One before it came out, and they delivered. (thanks Karim!)

US cable could lose 1 million subscribers in one quarter.

Canadian TV in the Netflix Age: In Defence of the CRTC Television Licensing Decision – Michael Geist

The decision, which set a uniform spending requirement of 5 percent on programs of national interest (PNI, which includes dramas, documentaries, some children’s programming, and some award shows), means a reduction in spending requirements for some broadcasters.

Bell Fibe Alt TV

Lookee here, Bell launched an over-the-top TV service and it’s not terrible. (Full disclosure: I work for Bell Media.) It’s bundled with Fibe Internet which is too bad, but the low end is a $15 skinny basic, and the “good” package for $43/mo is most of the channels most people might want. Sucks that they’re still charging $25 for HBO though.

With 40 New Original Shows, YouTube Targets TV’s Breadbasket

Snapchat lines up media companies to produce original shows for Snap TV

YouTube, the world’s biggest video site, wants to sell you TV for $35 a month

Includes main US broadcast networks plus the cable channels they own, so Fox News, ESPN and Bravo, but no CNN, AMC, HBO. Also includes “A cloud DVR with unlimited storage space”.