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The Future Of The Culture Wars Is Here, And It's Gamergate

Why the Two-Hour Game is the Future


Hyperlapse's secret best feature: fixing your shaky hands

Instagram’s timelapse app has an option to not speed up footage, and in that mode it uses gyroscope data to stabilize your shit. It looks REALLY good – watch the video. Like Steadicam good.

Think you drink a lot? This chart will tell you.

Why is the world ignoring the revolutionary Kurds in Syria?

David Graeber

The Case for Doug Ford

“Come Election Day, your alternatives include people who, despite differences in strategies, opinions, and priorities, seem to genuinely care about this city and want to make it better. Only you can stop that from happening. Vote Ford 2014.”

Live Vinyl Mix (One Take. No Laptop. No Serato. No Bullshit) by Wick-it the Instigator

Great set – once you get to Tom’s Diner you’ll see why (thanks, Tony)

Ebola: What It Is

“Is Ebola the ISIS of biological agents? Is Ebola the Boko Haram of AIDS? Is Ebola the al-Shabaab of dengue fever? Some say Ebola is the Milosevic of West Nile virus. Others say Ebola is the Ku Klux Klan of paper cuts.”

The Best Monster

Profile of Zak Smith, artist, porn star, and Dungeon Master – “Zak is living out a 15-year-old boy’s dream of adulthood.” (via)

iOS 8 Third-Party Keyboards Explained and Reviewed

Why aren’t political reporters asking the right questions about polls?

Worth keeping in mind when considering recent polls in the Toronto mayoral race. Forum Research robocall polls are discussed.

Turkey's tough choice: Take on ISIS or the PKK?

More background to the siege of Kobane.

Coltrane changes

Speaking of jazz, here’s an interesting Wikipedia article on a signature innovation of John Coltrane’s – a chord progression upwards in major thirds that may have had spiritual meaning.

Is Zoning Racist? Does It Have to Be?

“The reality is that our planning laws function as tools for people who already own homes, as weapons against everyone who doesn’t.”


I’m no jazz expert but I did take a lil’ course in university and one thing that stuck with me was the definition of jazz that the prof gave us: the blending of European harmony with African rhythms. There was nothing about improvisation.

I’ve continued listening to jazz since that course (you go to see some live shows and drink some sangria and realize, hey this is really fun, despite the knock on it that it’s just for middle-aged white guys now). As the saying goes, I listen to a lot of stuff, but a personal staple is electronic music, and it struck me a while ago that the definition of jazz applies equally to that genre.

The biggest stumbling block for people is that jazz emphasizes improvisiation and live performance, whereas electronic music is traditionally a recorded art. But that has changed with time. Software like Ableton Live and various live-performance hardware tools, and the coordination of elaborate visuals, have made electronic music more and more performative. On the flip side I can think of a few jazz releases of the past few years that were very much studio albums (say, Takuya Kuroda’s Rising Son).

Two recent electronic releases have really cemented that: Aphex Twin’s Syro and Flying Lotus’ You’re Dead. The Aphex Twin album is very much a studio production but the palette is all polyrhythm meets jazz harmonics. Looking into the FlyLo album I see Herbie Hancock played keys on much of it, and Flying Lotus’ aunt is Alice Coltrane (John Coltrane’s wife, who played piano with him).

People may think jazz is dead. Those same people may listen to these albums and not even think about jazz. But it’s still there, maybe moreso than ever.

A ‘Revolution’ under Attack – the Alternative in the midst of the War in Syria

about the self- proclaimed Autonomy Region Rojava in Northern Syria, a Kurdish area, which is currently under attack by Islamic State fighters. The town Kobane seems about to fall

The numbers game: Hockey is going to the nerds

On the rise of Moneyball-style stats analysis by hockey team management

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Heirloom Popcorn Helps a Snack Reinvent Itself

Finally, another thing to get snobbish about. I confess to being a pan popcorn guy; my dad used to make it all the time and nothing beats it. But now with all this heirloom kernels and curry dusting, I’m gonna have to up my game.