Angry Robot

The Persistence of Prog Rock

Hot take: any proper history of prog would include Radiohead, regardless of what they say

Forgotify | Discover a previously unheard Spotify track

The 2017 Polaris Music Prize Long List Is Here

Letting neural networks be weird • The neural network will name your next band

A lot of potential here, especially if you want a shark-themed band – and why wouldn’t you?

Amazon Prime members now get exclusive live concerts

The TV business is changing incredibly rapidly at this point.

This Is Spinal Tap’s $400 Million Lawsuit

They’re not the first to go after Hollywood accounting, but they could be the loudest.

My job is basically like running a record label, except this record label also happens to sell chicken.

thanks y!

Radiohead and sadness: a data analysis

So lower scores on the “gloom index” are more gloomy? I guess that makes sense. Anyway, saddest albums appear to be Amnesiac and A Moon Shaped Pool.

Four Tet Made a Playlist of Music from Trump’s List of Banned Countries