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Japan’s Iga city ‘does not need ninjas’ after reports it was hiring

What a mixup!

NPR had posted a summary which said that Iga “is facing a serious problem, there aren’t enough people training to be ninjas, not even for $85k a year”.

“That characterisation was incorrect,” an NPR spokesman told the BBC.

But those reports led at least 115 ninja hopefuls from 23 countries to contact Iga officials, enquiring about possible jobs.

Who Just Beat the Bay Area in Tech Jobs? Toronto

“The Bible says, ‘If you do this to the least of these, you do it to me,’ ” Sheila said, quoting Jesus. “But the least of these are Americans, not the ones crossing the border.”

Good Night, Earth

Bad morning. Wake up to news that Trump is going off on Iran in all caps and some asshole went on a shooting rampage on the Danforth.

I found this video, of Kraftwerk jamming live with an astronaut on the International Space Station, at least somewhat restored my faith in humanity. Perhaps you will like it too.

If this is not treason, then what is it?

Dan Drezner:

A former CIA chief of Russian operations tweeted, “From a counterintelligence perspective, something is going on behind the scenes. Before Helsinki I was less sure; post Helsinki, I feel sick.”

Cambridge Analytica’s Facebook data was accessed from Russia, MP says


Study: Drinking Alcohol More Important Than Exercise to Living Past 90

Great news, everyone!

‘Gordon Ramsay’s Fairytale Toilet Kitchen Nightmare,’ Today’s Comic by Michael Kupperman

Who gives a damn about the past? I live for today, plan for the future, pack a lunch and haul ass

Putin’s playbook for discrediting America and destabilizing the West

“The book in question is The Foundations of Geopolitics: The Geopolitical Future of Russia by neo-fascist political scientist Aleksandr Dugin, whose nickname is “Putin’s Brain”.”

Lost Stanley Kubrick screenplay, Burning Secret, is found 60 years on

From the 50s, during his time at MGM

Apple’s new 2018 MacBook Pros are now available, and the top specs are much faster

Yay! Although I specced out my dream laptop and it came to eight grand.

How Silicon Valley Fuels an Informal Caste System

This is fairly terrifying.

Someone hung their own artwork inside the Banksy exhibit

Go Tharanga!

Why shopkeepers in one Ontario city have enlisted a low-income cleanup crew

In Peterborough

Pocketable Surface Render

Cooool. Reminds me of the tablets in Westworld.