Angry Robot

‘Fox & Friends,’ stuck with Donald Trump for all eternity

Courage is not about the absence of fear or anger or extreme emotion. The definition of courage is, when experiencing those emotions, refusing to let them govern your behaviour. Staying true to yourself and your values, doing what you know is right, and necessary, despite the heightened emotion. Courage is finding it in yourself to rise to an occasion rather than being diminished by it.

The truths Canada needs to remember

We have our flaws but there’s a lot to like in how Toronto, Canada reacted to this attack. I’m still really moved by the cop who didn’t shoot the guy.

Why Hollywood Won’t Cast Cary Elwes Anymore

Just read the whole thing if you like good writing. Trust me.

Japanese engineer builds giant robot to realize ‘Gundam’ dream

In robot news…. (watch the video)

Wind turbines are getting taller, bigger, and more powerful

If I’m reading it right, one of the new big ones (height of Eiffel Tower) could power 1 million homes.

The Meadoway: 16 km stretch of urban park will connect downtown to Scarborough 

They are going to build a mixed-use path the length of this hydro corridor.

Why the F.B.I. Raid Is Perilous for Michael Cohen — and Trump

Damian Lewis to Play Controversial Ex-Toronto Mayor Rob Ford in Thriller

‘The Simpsons’ To ‘The Problem With Apu’: Drop Dead

David Reich: ‘Neanderthals were perhaps capable of many modern human behaviours’

Reich’s work as a leader of prehistoric population studies includes the discovery that all people of non-African descent carry small amounts of Neanderthal DNA, showing that Homo sapiens – at one stage – must have interbred with this long-dead species of ancient humans.

Also, hobbits were real.

The Rise in Self-Proclaimed Time Travelers

They’ve come from the future for two reasons: 1) To save us from ourselves; and 2) to make YouTube confessionals

Scalding Hot Takes: Ready Player One

Nathan Rabin:

Yes, Ready Player One spent 140 minutes jerking me off but instead of pleasure or release, all I experienced was rawness, bleeding and painful chafing. 

Mueller Tells Guy Who Legally Can’t Be a Target That He’s Not a Target, Perhaps in a Bid to Make Him Legally Targetable

Marcy Wheeler:

All of which is to say we may be looking at a public report saying that Trump should be impeached just as Republicans attempt to keep Congress… Effectively, I think Mueller is giving the GOP Congress a choice. They impeach Trump on the less inflammatory stuff,which will remove all threat of firing and/or pardons to threaten the investigation, not to mention make Trump eligible to be a target for the actual election conspiracy he tried to cover up. Or after they fail to hold the House while explaining why they’re covering up for Trump’s cover up, they will face a more serious inquiry relating to Trump’s involvement in the election conspiracy.

Nasim Aghdam’s Massacre Is Part of the Crisis of Big Tech