Angry Robot

New Commerce Secretary at nexus of lucrative Trump Russian deal

More serious dope on Trump/Russia connections

Looks like SkyNet fused a car engine to a baby stroller and gave it the angry spirit of a traumatized panther

Streetcars are Toronto’s civic treasure and the King St. plan gives them their due

Besides, if you want to drive without streetcars in the way, you have your pick of all kinds of other cities. You can go to Hamilton, or Mississauga, or Pickering. You can go most places, and they won’t have streetcars. We do have them, and they’re a civic treasure. It’s about time we treat them like it.

Patience Is a (Sexual) Virtue

The Sankey War Scrapbooks

When World War Two broke out in Europe, my father, Tom Sankey Jr., was a six-year-old living in Racine, Wisconsin. His father (can you guess his name?) worked at the local newspaper, the Racine Journal Times (which still exists).

Despite Tom Jr.’s youth, in 1940, he and his dad began a scrapbook of war-related articles that they continued at least until 1942 – the year after the US entered the war. Here they are, the two I have, which came to light when we were sorting through some of his stuff after his death. I’m not sure if they continued past ’42 and the journals are missing, or if these are the sum total. Regardless, they’re quite something.

Now, I don’t bring these out now because I feel that era matches ours. Perhaps it does, but that’s not the reason. I’ve been meaning to do it for some time. I see in these scrapbooks something of what I do, on this site. Clearly I come from a long line of news hounds.

I’m going to post these page by page, one a day (ish). An archive of them will live here. If you want to follow an RSS feed of the Sankey War Scrapbooks, that’s right here.

What’s in your chicken sandwich? DNA test shows Subway sandwiches could contain just 50% chicken

Apparently a kind of “restructured meat” containing a lot of soy:

Restructured products are essentially smaller pieces of meat or ground meat,  bound together with other ingredients  to make them last longer, taste better and, as Bohrer puts it, “add value” — restaurant speak for cheaper.

Meta update 3

Most of the legwork moving the site to WordPress is now over, along with some spit-n-polish and nice-to-haves I’ve been meaning to implement for some time now. Such as… give me an unordered list-themed drum roll…

Lately I’ve been working on a big elaborate Workflow for posting here, something I’ve been really dying to do, and it’s pretty cool, but that’s probably a separate post.

Pretty soon I’m going to launch a new project for the site, and it’s not about Trump! Or Apple! Or video games! Is it blowing your mind yet? I just have to figure out some design stuff and then we should be good to go.

NASA Telescope Reveals Record-Breaking Exoplanet Discovery

Ultra-cool dwarf alert!

The TRAPPIST-1 star, an ultra-cool dwarf, has seven Earth-size planets orbiting it.

Map of North America 1670-1867

This map raises so many interesting issues.

Scientists Say They’ve Discovered a Hidden Continent Under New Zealand

Scientists say they have identified an underwater continent two-thirds the size of Australia — and they are calling it Zealandia.

“There is an Incentivized Path to Mediocrity”

Re: problems with the Canadian film industry

iPhone 8 Will Include ‘Revolutionary’ Front Camera With 3D Sensing Abilities

OMB Reform: Contested development

Star feature on the shady Ontario Municipal Board, the unaccountable provincial body that has the final say in development approvals in Toronto

These movies will help you through the Donald Trump years | Toronto Star

Definitely Children of Men. I would add Killing Them Softly and Hell or High Water

Logan review: not just the bloodiest X-Men movie, but also the saddest

The weight of graphic, grotesque violence hangs over the entire movie. But the daring emotional violence lingers longer, well after the lights go down on the final shot.

Sounds fun!

Why Does This One Couch From West Elm Suck So Much?

The 8 Craziest Moments Of Trump’s Impromptu Press Conference


Israel’s One-State Reality

Depressing look at the current state of things with Israel and the seeming impossibility of a two-state solution

Apple Vowed To Revolutionize Television. An Inside Look at Why It Hasn’t

AppleTV definitely needs help. A lot of potential, but not much happening on it right now to justify the price tag

Transit First For King Street?

Steve Munro analyzes the options proposed for King Street

iPhone 8 to Feature 5.8-Inch OLED Display With 5.15-Inch Main Screen and Virtual Buttons Below

Similar size to the 4.7″, yet big screen

Trump Campaign Aides Had Repeated Contacts With Russian Intelligence

Looks like I picked the wrong day to quit reading Trump news.

Trump advisers’ space plan: To moon, Mars and beyond

No wonder Musk is so cozy with Trump

How Sonos will take on Alexa and Google: by integrating them

They want you to be able to use your Sonos with multiple, competing voice assistant services. That would be good!

Humble Freedom Bundle

$30 for waaaay too many good games, proceeds to the ACLU among others. Wish PC gaming didn’t wreck my body now.