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Who Said ‘Game of Thrones’ Wasn’t for Kids?

Photorealistic Renderings of People's Sketches of Bikes

This is great. It’s like Homer Simpson’s car design. (via)

The Minecraft Generation –

Clive Thompson does a Minecraft thinkpiece that actually has some good points

Leap Manifesto: What is it, and what could it mean for the NDP’s future?

Donald Trump Performs Shakespeare’s Soliloquies

Louis C.K.’s online miniseries Horace and Pete might change TV as we know it

Need to watch this

If you don’t realize how big VR is gonna be, and how soon, this is worth watching.

Cable cord-cutting numbers soar in Canada thanks to Netflix, high prices, says report

Just brutal news for Canadian TV providers. 190,000 cut the cord in 2015, up from 105,000 in 2014 and 13,000 in 2013. Netflix now has almost 5 million subscribers. Seeing as there are just over 10 million cable subscriptions in Canada, if these trends keep up Netflix will be more popular than cable in… [pretends to do math] a few years.

“I feel like cable is almost a thing of the past, like dial-up internet,” says Gray.

Just brutal.

The 6ix by Marcus Stroman


Drake’s helicopter mystery women revealed?


Bernie Sanders Interviewed by Spike Lee

thanks, y

Don’t mistake violent words for violence itself

Desmond Cole on the infamous tweet

City worker claims Drake ‘bullied’ him after he snapped pictures of famous rapper getting off helicopter

Bad press for Drake!

Why Facebook And Mark Zuckerberg Went All In On Live Video

Popping the Drop: A Timeline of How EDM’s Bubble Burst | The Pitch | Pitchfork


What Fox News Secrets Does Donald Trump Know?

Please Listen to Me – Wasted Hours.

Socrates, Cynics and Flat-Nailed, Featherless Bipeds

Why Is Canadian Media Ignoring the $100M Sale of a Toronto Startup?

Why U.S. Cities Should Envy Toronto for Electing Rob Ford