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Can Bernie Sanders Really Win the Nomination?

Shorter: yes, but still unlikely:

<blockquote>        <p>In the betting markets, Clinton is still the heavy favorite to win the nomination. At the online site Betfair, you would have to wager a hundred dollars on Clinton to win ten dollars if she prevails. According to Predictwise, a Web site that aggregates information from betting markets and opinion polls, the probability of Clinton getting the nomination is ninety-two per cent, and the probability of Sanders winning is just eight per cent. Perhaps significantly, that figure hardly changed after Saturday’s results.</p>    </blockquote>   <blockquote>        <p>Sanders and his supporters point out, with quite a bit of justification, that the pundits and the betting markets have underestimated him all along.</p>     </blockquote>
• March 28, 2016, 9:14 am |