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Justin Trudeau: Ready or not

I’m predicting a bit of a surge in the polls for this Trudeau fellow.

The Justin Trudeau I Can’t Forget

Tesla’s Model X is finally here, and I got to drive it


State solar users would lose savings if proposal is OKd; SolarCity describes 'catastrophic' future

What Happens Next Will Amaze You

Maciej Cegłowski talk transcript

A New Universal 'New Yorker' Cartoon Caption

Cable companies given walking papers at intensifying pace

An Evening Drive


How to see into the future

tl,dr: you can’t. But interesting stuff about hedgehogs vs foxes

Toronto Star makes news with innovative Star Touch tablet app

No Android version, Doesn’t work on iPhone, landscape only. But free!

The Next Genocide

goes full Godwin on China and the U.S. but he’s a history prof so allowances should be made

Strategic voting guide with riding lookup

The Fermi Paradox – Wait But Why


Hobo Chic From the Bindle Bros. of Brooklyn


Key & Peele proved the internet is leaving traditional TV behind

For sale: one volcano supervillain lair

for $650k, which would buy you a small Toronto semi-detatched at best

Daring Fireball: Brief Thoughts and Observations Regarding Today's 'Hey Siri' Apple Event

HTTP is obsolete. It's time for the distributed, permanent web

Why the Tories’ mean-spirited refugee policy has awoken urban Canada


Daring Fireball: Prelude to Tomorrow's 'Hey Siri' Apple Event in San Francisco

Gruber’s not expecting any iPads until October.

Going All In on “All In”

iPad Pro: ‘Monster screen’ runs full-sized side-by-side apps, LTE models, keyboard + stylus separate

more on the rumoured big tablet. Not only do I want to see what the keyboard case looks like, I’m also wondering if they’ll release any new pro software.

Apple’s ‘Hey Siri’ Event Roundup: Upgraded iPhone 6s, Bigger iPad Pro, Revamped Apple TV + Apple Watch updates

Why drivers in China intentionally kill the pedestrians they hit: China’s laws have encouraged the hit to kill phenomenon