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Apple Is About To Lay Down Its TV Cards

“This is the first real Apple TV product”

Chrystia Freeland crashes men-only club, but guy in bathrobe steals the show

This so far is a really entertaining campaign. Who said Canadian politics was boring?

Harper facing questions after PMO staffer spotted talking to witness at Duffy trial

Skulking in a hoodie. Perfect.

Instagram Ends the Tyranny of the Square

Almost None of the Women in the Ashley Madison Database Ever Used the Site

Of course not

Train wreck: Why Toronto doesn't get the transit it deserves

Scientists Confident Artificially Intelligent Machines Can Be Programmed To Be Lenient Slave Masters

We Let Ed Sheeran Guest-Edit This List Of Fluffy Otters And He Did A Bad Job

Perfect Clickhole

Virginia Gunman Filmed Shooting of TV Reporter and Photographer

Official ad. Awesome.

Bell Media president overhauls senior ranks, promises more departures

Changes happening at the dream factory

Election 2015: NDP leads, but CPC’s base is most solid

36% NDP to 32% CPC. But only half the population is decided. I should really stop paying attention to these polls.

Black holes are a passage to another universe, says Stephen Hawking

First hand account of being homeless in Toronto

It’s pretty grim, but happy ending

Retro heroes adorn Toronto Neighbourhood Watch signs

I feel safer already (via)

Universal flu vaccine a step closer as scientists create experimental jabs

What mobile ad blocking looks like in the real world

As Gruber said, there will be a reckoning.

Revealed: the first hydrogen-powered battery that will charge your Apple iPhone for a week

thanks y

Harper hysteria a sign of closed liberal minds

I actually saved this as evidence of Yakabuski’s hackiness. So the 70% of the country who would never vote for Harper have “closed liberal minds”? The spiking of the census has “inconvenienced some researchers”? “Elites in the media”? No mention of C-51? The Globe’s ill-fitting disguise of impartiality often comes off during elections, and underneath we can see an entitled, lazy hack who is unable to understand what’s going on in Canada. Like Mr. Y here.

Ashley Madison hack may be linked to suicides, police say

Professors push back against laptops in the lecture hall

Ways to think about cars

A lot of good points here, but a lot of 50s-era car utopianism as well. Cars don’t do urban density well, and that’s what people want these days.

Rob Ford Says Brother Would Run If Canada’s Harper Steps Down

Ad Blockers and the Nuisance at the Heart of the Modern Web