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Oscar Voters: 94% White, 76% Men, and an Average of 63 Years Old

Just a reminder about the Oscars. They suck.

It’s Official: A.I.s are Now Re-Writing History

“It’s a nice picture, a sweet moment with my wife, taken by my father-in-law, in a Normandy bistro. There’s only one problem with it. This moment never happened.”

Millennials Are Moving To Buffalo & Living Like Kings

The new Detroit. Interesting urban trend though, where millennials who are priced out of home ownership in the big successful cities move into cheap, smaller rust belt spots. Not a pan acea for these places, however, as the article lays out toward the end.

CSE tracks millions of downloads daily: Snowden documents

“Canada’s electronic spy agency sifts through millions of videos and documents downloaded online every day by people around the world, as part of a sweeping bid to find extremist plots and suspects.”

We used to watch this at university and laugh at the supremely over-the-top VO. “Like the winged messenger Mercury…” We’d also cry at how mind-blowing Gretz is, too.

Guvernment nightclub closure signals death of ‘superclubs’ in the city

Yeah, the club district is now the condo construction district.

Sling TV review: Do cord cutters and “cord nevers” even want live TV?

Probably not.

Why Small Businesses Are Starting to Win Again

“Over all, since 1990, small businesses (with, generally, fewer than five hundred employees or less than $7.5 million in annual receipts) have added millions of employees, while big businesses have shed millions.”


“What Value-Creating Winners Do All Day™”

Seventeen percent of U.S. broadband households are likely to subscribe to an Over-the-top HBO service

“Among these likely subscribers, 91% are currently pay-TV subscribers, and roughly one-half would cancel their pay-tv service after subscribing to this HBO OTT service.” TV could change a lot this year.

Manspreading: The gender-focused battle for urban space

'The Fall': Gillian Anderson Stars in the Most Feminist Show on Television

“A crime drama about a psychosexual serial killer who stalks, tortures, and murders young women doesn’t sound like an obvious choice for the most feminist show on television. Especially given that the writers, directors, and producers of that show are all men. But that’s just one of the ways The Fall—the BBC hit set in Northern Ireland whose second season began streaming for American audiences on Netflix last week—upends TV conventions and deserves to be the first binge-watched show of 2015.”

Up close with the HoloLens, Microsoft's most intriguing product in years

Adds a whole new meaning to “Windows”. Note: this article is about a demo; this product sounds years away from market. But still pretty badass.

Misandrist Lullabies

“The horn on the bus says kill all men, Kill all men; Kill all men.”

Pirating the 2015 Oscars: HD Edition

Andy Baio crunches the numbers. Increasingly screener rips are irrelevant because higher-quality sources have already leaked. “Pirates are now watching films at higher quality than the industry insiders voting on them.”

Bigger than Hollywood

“In 2014 iOS app developers earned more than Hollywood did from box office in the US”

Badass. May not function as advertised, however.

Confirmed: He Who Sits the Most Dies the Soonest

Not exactly great news.

The Invisible Woman: A Conversation With Björk

Ikea to open string of smaller stores across Canada

Mostly for pick-up of online orders. Considering how uniquely well-suited Ikea furniture is for small homes, it’s actually insane that there are no stores in city centres anywhere.

Also: why have pickup and no showroom? Why not have a showroom with no warehouse and delivery only?

Indie super-producer Ted Hope to lead Amazon into original movie production

“Amazon Original Movies will premiere on Prime Instant Video in the U.S. just 4 to 8 weeks after their theatrical debut.”

Caribou Has Made a 1,000 Song Playlist for You

Blue Note: 75 years of the coolest visuals in jazz

Parents investigated for neglect after letting kids walk home alone