Angry Robot


I am a huge Bungie fan, having loved their games since Marathon in the 90s. And I was a big Halo player – I’m not in a frat and I don’t like cursing at complete strangers over the internet, but I did like playing it with my pals, for a time. So it’s almost inconceivable that I’m not planning on buying Bungie’s latest game, Destiny.

The reviews are not good. Back when I was really into console games, it bothered me that almost every heavily-marketed AAA game title got review scores in the 90s. And here we are with one of the most expensive games ever made and the reviews are floundering in the 70s. Here’s one bad review from Giant Bomb, here’s one from Polygon. Surprising!

But more than that really, I’m just not playing console games at the moment and am reluctant to spend $70+ on something I’m not sure I’ll play. I have a small child and that means I only get a couple of hours of contiguous leisure time per day. Plus I DEFINITELY don’t like paying that kinda scratch, because my media consumption is spread thinly across a lot of different things: a bunch of shows, movies, iPad games, and books. Paying $70 on one thing feels like I want it to monopolize my attention, which I don’t want. Besides that, neither shooter nor MMO lies close to my games-taste wheelhouse these days (if it was a turn-based pixel-art WWII space conquest 4X, I’d be out-innovating 8-bit Space Hitler right now, not writing this crap).

Still, it seems slightly sad to not be playing it.