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THE MARTORIALIST: Moved to Alabama, got silk pyjamas

Makes a case that Riff Raff rips off a lesser-known Texas rapper, Yungstar. Also includes a pretty awesome track to prove it.

I can see the similarity, but I’m not sure this makes Riff Raff “just another marginal talent benefitting from an unsung artist’s innovations”, as the terrible Pitchfork review of his new album argues. There is a long tradition of court jester type rappers emphasizing verbal insanity and outrageous metaphors, going back at least to Kool Keith. If you think Riff brings nothing new to this tradition I say you are wrong, sir. (That’s not to say I’m totally in love with Neon Icon – there’s something missing from it. It seems to be trying hard to be cool, where it should be trying hard to be insane.)

• August 5, 2014, 11:44 am |