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What’s behind the Tories’ obsession with Justin Trudeau?

Did Tony die at the end of The Sopranos?: David Chase finally answers the question he wants fans to stop asking

Who did I have this argument with, over the meaning of the ending of Thr Sopranos? Well, I win.

Canadians will be politely sad if Burger King takes over Tim Hortons

Games and Good Enough

Maybe consoles ain’t dead yet.

A new Silent Hill is coming from Hideo Kojima and Guillermo del Toro

It’s time to talk about MDMA

And maybe decriminalize it

How the design firm behind the Xbox built the bike of the future

Slick bike with some good ideas, but a few problems: no chain guard, not sure about that “minimal fender”, and speaking as someone who has a front rack on their bike, they should have put it in the back.

'Terminator Genisys' is actually the name of the next Terminator movie

Apparently SkyNet lacks spell check.

The Remarkable Way Chewbacca Got a Voice

Mostly bear, some walrus.

Someone born today will never have to get a driver's license

Sorry for the link to Forbes, but this is interesting, if a little techno-utopian. It sees driverless cars and car sharing converging in the next decade or so, which of course makes sense, and could make car ownership near-obsolete.

I’ve wondered this about electric cars too – will these emerging improvements to the car forestall its decline relative to active transportation and public transit? Also, how will robot cars react to bikes? Can I get a self-driving bike? Self-driving baby stroller? How about a robot to carry me around in its arms? Or just a human would be fine actually

The Dispute Between Radical Feminism and Transgenderism

Why Not a Three-Day Week?

Good argument for a shorter work week, although I’ll basically link to anything that argues for a shorter work week.

Playing at the World

Blog (and namesake book) detailing the history of RPGs, especially D&D.

David Lynch MA in Film

At the Maharishi University of Management.

In Defense of Danish Tourists

Good unpacking of the issues around the recent letter from some tourists who were horrified by how car-centric Canada is.

THE MARTORIALIST: Moved to Alabama, got silk pyjamas

Makes a case that Riff Raff rips off a lesser-known Texas rapper, Yungstar. Also includes a pretty awesome track to prove it.

I can see the similarity, but I’m not sure this makes Riff Raff “just another marginal talent benefitting from an unsung artist’s innovations”, as the terrible Pitchfork review of his new album argues. There is a long tradition of court jester type rappers emphasizing verbal insanity and outrageous metaphors, going back at least to Kool Keith. If you think Riff brings nothing new to this tradition I say you are wrong, sir. (That’s not to say I’m totally in love with Neon Icon – there’s something missing from it. It seems to be trying hard to be cool, where it should be trying hard to be insane.)

Police to subpoena Mayor Rob Ford in Sandro Lisi’s extortion case