Angry Robot

Toronto transit experts: 'Surface subways' only part of the solution

We still need the DRL.

Thoughts on Rob Ford (vol. 2)

Excellent analysis of Rob Ford’s psychology, essentially arguing he is incapable of abstract thought. Vol 1 is here.

Guy Walks Into a Bar


MUBI: Watch and Discover Movies

This is the first time I had heard of this site: like Netflix but for “cult, classic, independent and award-winning films from around the world”, with an emphasis on expert curation. $5/mo.

Holy living fuck (thanks, Ed)

The rise and fall of MuchMusic, from crucial TV to bust

Ed Conroy at BlogTO.

The World's First Family Robot Could Be Like HAL in Your Home

In robot news…

What We Really Talk About When We Talk About Guns

Re: Olivia Chow calling for a handgun ban

The Future of Television Review is the CRTC's Make or Break Moment

It’s actually not an overstatement to say that some of these changes – the end of simultaneous substitution, opening the doors to foreign channels – could destroy the Canadian TV industry as we know it. The question is would that be a bad thing. Protectionism and simultaneous substitution have kept Canadian broadcasters in the thrall of US media companies, dependent on US imports for the vast majority of their business. But making the wrong moves could result in, say, a range of US channels on the dial and no Canadian, with thousands of jobs lost.

The CRTC needs to come up with a way to encourage the creation and widespread consumption of homegrown content.


Marco Arment finally releases his podcast app.

Kowloon Walled City

I’m sorry for coining the phrase “Manic Pixie Dream Girl”

Nathan Rabin:

<blockquote>        <p>Let’s all try to write better, more nuanced and multidimensional female characters: women with rich inner lives and complicated emotions and total autonomy, who might strum ukuleles or dance in the rain even when there are no men around to marvel at their free-spiritedness. But in the meantime, Manic Pixies, it’s time to put you to rest.</p>  </blockquote>

Overcrowded streetcars, uninterested drivers part of the rolling horror show on Queen

This nightmare is all true, as any rush-hour streetcar rider can tell you (well, I’ve never seen a bike on a streetcar at rush hour). But as for what to do about it? Multi-door loading on the new streetcars will help. But I would say:

Vintage Ninja

Now that’s a blog.

Death of Canada’s music-video-channel era?

The shocking truth about B.C.’s carbon tax: It works

'Human props' stay in luxury homes but live like ghosts

Ruined ex-millionaires get cheap rent to live in empty mansions

MuchMusic, MTV take brunt of Bell Media job cuts

Ford Disruptive in Rehab, Sources Say

Video: Rob Ford greeted by shirtless protesters on Eglinton

This is really amazing. That dude is my new hero.

Yay! 4th of July Fireworks: 2014

Cabel Sasser’s yearly fireworks review

The Long Dark is about self-reliance in a hard country. It is a game about Canada

Community Moving to Yahoo for 6th Season