Angry Robot

Where Time Comes From

Sort of.

Connecting the Dots in Doug Ford’s Hideous Mind

Great piece. I am not sure why Dougie’s antics don’t make me pull my hair out with despair (desphair?). I think the prospect of eight more months of this make me absolutely delighted – the Fords are comedy gold.

New Orphan Black spot by Space producer extraordinaire Karim Moses, who is also handsome and has great skin. (Article here)

Starting to Demo the Wolfram Language—Stephen Wolfram Blog

The internet is fucked

The Verge on the state of the (US) net: (via)

So there’s the entire problem, expressed in four simple ideas: the internet is a utility, there is zero meaningful competition to provide that utility to Americans, all internet providers should be treated equally, and the FCC is doing a miserably ineffective job.

All the points are right, but he doesn’t even get into the NSA issues. Fear of US government spying is making a lot of people wary of storing data in US servers, and in the cloud in general.

Did Councillor Doug Ford lose valuable voter data from 2010 Toronto mayoral election?

Basically, Rob Ford’s 2010 campaign mastermind Kouvalis is now running John Tory’s mayoral bid. Doug Ford, who is Rob’s new campaign “mastermind”, may have lost all the voter data that Kouvalis amassed. I look forward to plenty more bumbling Ford campaign antics now that the lunatics are firmly in charge of the asylum.

Mississauga's New Brand

I like the logo. The capitalization scheme is a bit confused though: capital M is necessary for the whole logo to work, but a lot of the other type treatments use all lowercase.

Videogames and the Spirit of Capitalism

Harold Ramis Gets the Last Laugh

A revealing interview from a few years ago. RIP Undercover Mountie.

<blockquote>        <p>I worked so much with Rodney Dangerfield, I really got to know a lot about his life and how true his comic posture was—the miserable childhood and all that. And I thought, Maybe my life was too good to have that kind of comic persona. What could my act be? “I get too much respect”? And then I’d say all these good things that happened to me? Who wants to hear that?</p>   </blockquote>

Archrival Is Freed as Ukraine Leader Flees

Yanukovych calls it a “coup” and Tymoshenko is freed. Presidential elections in May. Wow.

Apple releases Sandro Lisi's iPhone audio and video

Lisi apparently had a habit of recording people “including the mayor” and the police have gotten the data.

Farewell Queen St West – Love, Magic Pony

Iconic art-toy store is moving.

Netflix packets being dropped every day because Verizon wants more money

Used to Be a Pizza Hut

Speaking of, the McDonald’s near the house where I grew up turned into a Korean restaurant a few years back and I found it really, really strange. I had never seen a McDonald’s close before. (via)

Great on-the-ground, protester POV of the leadup to the recent violence by Vice. (via)

Kiev Truce Shattered, Dozens Killed

Crazy photos. (Via)

As Deaths Rise in Kiev, So Do Fears Ukraine Will Use Troops

It Only Takes One: Will the Spectrum Auction Lead to a New National Wireless Carrier?

Looks like Quebecor bid on some spectrum in major non-Quebec urban centres.

Northern Army Preservation Society of Canada

“Our favourite Canadian logos, lovingly preserved.” Oh wow.

Betting on the House

Re: House of Cards, Netflix, binge watching, future TV

Olympic Village Tour: See Where The Athletes Live, Train And Fuck Each Other

thanks ÿ

Threes!: The Best Single Swipe Puzzle Game on iOS

Some solid strategy for the current iOS addiction.

Random acts of kindness replace NEKnomination trend

Someone should blend the two and challenge a homeless person to a drinking game.

A Conversation with Andrew Smales, Founder of Diaryland

Pitas and Diaryland! Oh, back in the day. I love how down-to-earth Mr. Smales is.