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Without hockey, the CBC model is now fundamentally broken

I would aim for: HBO of the North, with BBC-style funding.

Canadian moviegoing myths busted in new survey


On the myth-busting front, one big canard that died was the notion that anglophone Canadians shun Canuck films because they deem them inferior to Hollywood ones, while francophone Quebecers embrace their domestic content for exactly the opposite reason.

The study showed that genre — with comedy the most popular — is the main driver for movie choices made by both English and French moviegoers. (Story topic and casting were the second and third major drivers, respectively.)

Does Canadian comedy do better than other genres because it’s easier to produce for low budgets? Or, because humour is more regional, do Canadian films do a better job of making Canadians laugh? According to this survey, people often don’t know or care that the film they are seeing is Canadian. (via)

Toronto Chief Planner talks suburban mobility

“60 per cent of the people living in eight so-called tower neighbourhoods in the inner suburbs do not have drivers’ licenses. This is big news.”

Pretty incredible cover of Brubeck’s Take Five.

Higher-end KFC Select to debut in Toronto

I don’t know if the marketing people at “YUM Brands” are ingenious or insane or what. This is like entering the children’s medicine market using a brand that is known for poison. Killex™ Kidz Koff Kandy.

Rob Ford and the Two Torontos

Good explanation of Toronto politics and demographics (via Ram). Oh, and the entire Lisi ITO will soon be released (but not for at least a week).

From alpha to ‘Betas’: how Amazon is rethinking the way television is made

“Paint, poetry, nudity, nymph wrestling, and a shirtless stag bassist.” Yeah, I’m gonna go ahead and link to this. (via)

An Illusionist in Skyrim

“I’m playing Skyrim with a rule: illusion magic only. No direct violence, just pure deception.” This is great. This is the tag index; read from the bottom (or click through the ‘next’ links from the first one. (via)

 <blockquote>        <p>He’s a nice enough chap: he looks like John Malkovich pushing his face through a mop. He keeps calling me ‘elf’ derisively, then asking if there’s anything he can do for me. It’s going to be a weird relationship.</p>     </blockquote>

Egypt police fire water cannons at protesters in first implementation of controversial law

Also see here. Strange, with this and the Iran nuke deal, how quickly things have changed in the Middle East.

Tab Closed; Didn't Read

What happens when free-to-play games aren't free?

A-list, $60 games are adding microtransactions more typically seen in freemium games:

<blockquote>        <p>the problem with Forza 5’s membership is that having already bought the gym and paid a subscription, you’re then asked to pay individually for each piece of equipment within.</p>   </blockquote>

Rogers, CBC reach 12-year deal to NHL broadcast rights worth $5.2 billion

Crazy deal. So Bell, who own the Canadiens and half of the Leafs, won’t have the rights to any of their games? And apparently Rogers will have “editorial and creative” control over the CBC games as well.

Jon Bon Jovi, MLSE give Toronto inside track on Buffalo Bills

We’ll wouldn’t that be something.

Is Rob Ford untouchable?

“News flash: what the latest Forum poll actually says is that, among Ford’s supporters – let me repeat, among Ford’s supporters – “the true citizens of Ford Nation,” as Forum president Lorne Bozinoff calls them, 42 per cent think he’s still a viable candidate for mayor.”

The Torontonian Roots of Doctor Who — The Canadian Behind The Legendary TV Show

Amazing story. The idea that Canada used to be at the forefront of TV innovation seems unbelievable now. Also notable: they were shooting the first Doctor Who episode the day Kennedy was killed. (I must have found this via retrontario)

Mayor Rob Ford of Toronto (2010-)

If you need to point someone to all the back story on Ford, point them here. (via)

Potentially lethal street drug ‘Krokodil’ shows up in Niagara region

Paint thinner… crocodile skin… amputations… “Krokodil is known to be primarily used by heroin addicts that can no longer afford heroin”. Yikes! Tempted to make a Ford joke but Noooo!

Rob Ford investigation: Mystery call, lost cellphone figure in ongoing court battle

“The Juiceman” and “item number one”. I love it.

Stephen Harper’s story — and reputation — still hanging on by a thread

“The go-ahead. Speak to the PM. We are good to go. It is hard to read that as anything but an indication that the Prime Minister not only knew, but approved of the deal.”

Rob Ford fitness consultant a convicted steroid trafficker, banned from coaching in Canada

This is my favourite kind of Ford news: ludicrous, sublime, perfectly in character, and hard to believe.

Nigel Wright and Mike Duffy accused of bribery and fraud in explosive new RCMP documents

Cure insomnia, cure depression: Link between sleep and mental illness recovery may be ‘boon to the field’, Ryerson research suggests

Cognitive behavioural therapy is really on a roll these days.

Funkaoshi: Year 10

Ram’s site turns ten. I have been reading his excellent blog for ages.