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Anthony Smith’s killing was ‘street level stuff,’ sources say

The Star is now saying Smith’s killing was not related to the crack tape.

Rob Ford crack video: Drug dealers allegedly hid video on Dixon Road

The Post talks to the current occupant of unit 1703. Bizarre.

The Dissolve – Coming This Summer

This is the new film site that all the AV Club staffers left to do. It’s not open yet, though.

CAW, CEP unions now known together as Unifor

There’s something league-of-villian-y about the brand identity though (full disclosure: I am (will be?) a member)

Crowdfunded satellite an early step towards mining trillions of dollars of platinum from asteroids

I love it when I can’t tell from the headline if an article is a joke or not.

The creators of Slings & Arrows talk about creating one of TV’s greatest shows

That’s some high praise from the AV Club. I really need to watch this show. (It’s CanCon, ran on TMN, Mark McKinney of The Kids in the Hall is a co-writer.)

New arrest in shooting of man tied to alleged Rob Ford drug video

Arrested in Fort McMurray last friday for the shooting of Anthony Smith. Someone needs to get a source in the police.

Mayor Ford said he knew where video was, sources say

Meaning Price’s source for the video’s location was… Rob Ford.

Tedium — Escaping boredom — Medium

Adam Mathes on Medium’s homogeneity.

The problem with Dougie’s people taking over

Good article on the Dougified echo chamber the Mayor’s office has become. Ok I promise some non-Ford links coming tomorrow, but I do wonder: if you don’t like the crack tape story, do you even like stories at all?

Rexdale neighbours of Rob Ford video holder nervous

Can’t believe I’m linking to the Sun, but this article seems to be saying that the shooting on the 21st at 320 Dixon was also related to the crack tape. Or was coincidentally also on the same floor. (And was it always known that Smith lived in that building? I’m starting to lose crack. I mean track.)

New York PBS station criticizes reality TV with fake subway ads

Great fake shows: “Married to a Mime”, “The Dillionaire” etc.

The emerging Ford drama, in chronological order

Good summary.

Hypercritical: Next Generation

Siracusa on the next gen of consoles. I think the casual market has now been completely eaten by mobile, so the console business is now all about hardcore gamers. So I’m betting Sony will win the round.

Other man pictured with mayor hurt in fatal shooting

Oh man, more bombshells from The Star, that pack of lying maggots. This article IDs another person in the infamous Anthony Smith / Rob Ford photo and claims it’s the person injured in the shooting that killed Smith. “Homicide detectives are now investigating whether [the phone that shot the Rob Ford crack video] originally belonged to 21-year-old Smith.” And “The Star was contacted about the footage four days after Smith’s death.” So the gentlemen trying to claim Gawker’s crackstarter money could well be lying low BECAUSE THEY ARE WANTED FOR MURDER.

Rob Ford crack scandal: Fears Ford’s aide sought video spark police probe

This ties a bunch of strands together. David Price, Doug Ford’s old hash dealing “close ally” and now Rob Ford’s “director of logistics and operations”, learned of the location of the crack tape. When Towhey heard this –

Towhey told Price that the only thing he would advise is going to the police. Price also said that the video may have been the reason that Anthony Smith, a person pictured in a photo with Ford, was killed.

Towhey did indeed tell the police. This would presumably be the real reason he was fired.

The Festival of Prissiness: Canada’s Libel Laws and the Ford Effect

Mayor Crack Scandal Now Possibly Tied to Murder

Josh Marshall of Talking Points Memo parsing that latest Globe story. Could the murder in question be that of Anthony Smith, whose presence in a photo with Ford has yet to be explained? Note that the Crackstarter is doing well and may well pass its goal. Will the tape become evidence though?

Toronto police spoke to Mayor Ford’s senior staffer after tip linked killing to alleged drug video

“evidence in a homicide investigation”

Google Trends shows magnitude of Rob Ford story


Globe investigation: The Ford family’s history with drug dealing

Just when you think the crack scandal is over, The Globe publishes this article claiming Doug Ford was a hash dealer in the 80s and his main partner from that period is now on Rob Ford’s staff. Also: Globe editors on why we published the Ford family story.

TV, TV, TV, TV, TV, TV, sports, sports, TV. (via)

Rob Ford: It’s no longer about the video … and it’s time for you to go

Toronto Mayor Rob Ford’s allies prepare to run city

“A train crash”. Says that Towhey was fired for telling him to go to rehab.

Harmony Korine, Riff Raff, James Franco, and the making of 'Spring Breakers'

Great article. Missed this when it came out but found it while looking into the Riff – Franco beef on account of Riff’s recent soap cameo.