Angry Robot

Self-loathing site news, goddamn it

Here, I fixed a bunch more stuff. The search page looks a lot better now. Also, you can get at the search fast from the menu because I’m hot shit with gratuitous jQuery effects? I guess?

Of course, in the process I broke a bunch of things, so the site currently looks like ass on the iPhone, and presumably other hand-portable general purpose computing devices. I’ll try and patch things up and get this boat out in the open seas again, promise.

Also, I totally promise to post something other than lame site news things like this. While I was testing the search I typed a lot of random things into my own search box and found some real gems like this, from Iraq War times, and this bit of snark. Man. Remember when this site was good. I can’t even think of a joke to go out on, that’s how bad this shit is now.