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New Feed, Robot Robot, and My Daughter's Site

Site news time!

Item the first: I have been wanting to do this for some time and only recently figured out how to do it. I’ve fixed the RSS feed so that the links’ links are links. I.e., when you click an item in the RSS feed and it’s a link rather than a blog post, it will take you to the external page rather than the link’s Angry Robot permalink page. I just tripled your productivity! If I’m posting on average three times a day, and you consider reading the internet productive… actually if anything, I’ve probably damaged your productivity.

If this doesn’t seem like a big deal, please ignore! It’s just one of those things that should work a certain way and I’ve never been able to do it right because I’m a half-assed web nerd at best.

Whether this is working RIGHT NOW in your RSS reader depends on what feed URL you are using. If you don’t know, you should use this one: Angry Robot Canonical RSS Feed. The Feedburner address should theoretically still work OK, for as long as Feedburner is still around, which may not be that long.

Thanks to Ram for the help with that.

Item the second: apparently some of you philistines prefer to get your Web Site Blog New Posting News Item Posts inserted into your Twitter, whatever that is. So use this! Angry Robot Blog Twitter Account. This faithful parrot-bot will tweet the shit out of whatever gets posted here, proper-style.

UPDATE The Twitter bot is already all mixed up and is posting bad links. I’ll look into it but in the meantime, don’t expect too much from the poor bastard.

Item the third: because I love my faithful readers too much to smother you in a constant stream of baby pictures, my lady and I have vowed to only post them in a dedicated spot (no, not landfill). That place is here. Follow that.

OK let me sneak in one pic then: