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Behold, New Design

Months ago I set a goal: have a redesign of this site done before my new kid is born. I am just barely making it – kid is due in less than a week. Yeah I should be building a crib right now (kidding, there’s no way I could do that! It would have nails sticking out and shit!)

My pre-parental responsibilities are unshirked, sirs – worry not. Yet here we are, flashy new design. And what would a redesign be without a long, navel-gazing blog post? Funny you should ask!… NOTHING!, I SAY!


This is what I wanted to do:

Unfortunately, I’m a total hack at web stuff. I dip in every few years, discover the field has changed radically, try to patch something together, struggle for weeks with a lot of trial-and-error, heavy on the error. So as per usual I haven’t tested this in the major browsers THAT thoroughly. But I think most of these checkboxes got checked.

Known issues:

If you see problems other than this stuff, can you let me know? It would be greatly appreciated.

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FYI, I will be on-and-off tweaking the site over the next few days. If things are broken, that’s probably why.

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