Angry Robot

Jack McBrayer & Triumph Visit Chicago's Weiner's Circle

good shit from Conan

Former Citigroup chief: Break up the banks

“Ok, this is a wow”

OS X 10.8 Mountain Lion

John Siracusa’s massive review

McSweeney’s list of Suggested Buzzfeed Articles.

so good (via)

The Original iPad Was Gigantic

Awww – a retro iPad from 2003ish. 12″ screen, 1″ thick (via)

What do Batman fan films say about what we want from Batman?

there is an incredibly healthy subculture of Batman fan films. Of course there is.

Guerrilla art group hacks dozens of Astral info pillars

via BCL

Ambassador Bridge owner links bomb threat to cutbacks

bomb threats at the bridge and also the Windsor-Detroit tunnel make a pretty good case for the upcoming new government-owned bridge

Is there a chance for OneCity 2.0?

John Lorinc looks for good news in the ashes of OneCity. I still don’t know what happened there.

Upper Toronto

“sci-fi scenario planning” imagines a “city in the sky” built on top of Old Toronto

Reddit comment about the Scarborough shootings

piecing things together through twitter (via)

Ouya faces challenges on its way to transforming the console industry

about the Kickstarter-funded “open” Android console

Netflix’s Lost Year: The Inside Story of the Price-Hike Train Wreck

Hövding Invisible Bicycle Helmet

Let's All Move Into The Onion's 'Sex House'

The Onion is doing web series now. This ep is amazing.

Does Hollywood hate adults?

yes they do. I remember hearing that males age 14-25 bought two-thirds of the tickets at the box office. However, this appears to be changing, especially in Europe.

The Dark Knight Rises – Featurette

13 minutes of promo material for the latest Batman picture, yes, and maybe a little too detailed, but still

The Slow Web

can’t say any of the services appeal to me but the concept is good

The Fate of OneCity

Steve Munro on what should be changed.

Young Women Often Trendsetters in Vocal Patterns

this wasn’t the article I was looking for, which was something about Kitty Pryde and vocal fry. But this one is more interestaaaaaaang.

The Cigarette of This Century

“In that putative future, smartphone users would be relegated to special rooms in airports, where passers by would shake their heads disapprovingly at the grey faces lit from below by their tiny, blue screens.”


Super Mario portraits and story concept – “Mario is a beat down Plumber and leads a lonely but modest life. He can barely pay his rent and is coming off a drug called “Star.” (via)

The state of games: State of gamers

interesting changes, mostly because the yearly demographic survey now includes those who play on phones, tablets and in the browser. Also, 50% of US homes have at least one console.

The Dismantling of the Windows Hegemony

An Observation

When you scan through a sitcom in fast forward, the laugh track sounds like an alien hissing.

It’s way funnier than the show. Plus, you’re done with the thing in a third the time.

Still, I couldn’t help feeling sorry for the alien in the audience, as it got angrier and angrier with every stagey joke.