Angry Robot

Diablo III: The Unofficial Novelisation

“Then he hit a demon. Then he hit another demon. Then he hit the demon again. Then he hit it again. Then he hit it again.”

Three Things That Should Trouble Apple

Why Dan Harmon’s firing from Community is just the latest shot in an increasingly familiar showrunner-vs.-network battle

How to Not Kill a Cyclist

handy tips

Why Did John Gruber's Talk Show Leave 5by5?

some speculation that it was to do with revenue split from the 5by5 app. I would certainly like to know.

Ernest Hemingway in Toronto

wrote for The Star, fan of the St. Patricks (pre-Leafs)

How Yahoo Killed Flickr and Lost the Internet


HBO's 'Game Of Thrones' On Track To Be Crowned Most Pirated Show Of 2012 – Forbes

Bank of Toronto?

Drift: a tool for getting lost in familiar places

Broken City Lab’s iOS app for psychogeographic walks

Joss Whedon leaves comments on Whedonesque

about the blowout weekend for Avengers – “I’m discarding my old fans so I can concentrate on fame, Euro-trash guy-jewelry and my precious “Air Bud” reboot. But, dude, don’t print that!”

The Geek Shall Inherit the Earth

profile of Joss Whedon

Iain Banks: My Favourite Game

my favourite sci-fi author talks about his favourite games, and Civ (one of my faves) figures heavily. Swoon!

Robots and the Future of Unemployment

Spam-erican Apparel

some of the funniest pictures I have ever seen, esp. Life Sphere and believe_in

The frequent fliers who flew too much

modern day Icarus story (via)

Film Crit Hulk on the Girls backlash

somewhat tortured (as the Hulk should be) but I think I agree in general

And So It Begins: 20th Century Fox to End Film Distribution

all digital theatrical in 2013

Adam Yauch: 1964 – 2012

what a loss

Where (My) Girls At?

on Girls (the HBO show) and race


EMA’s anti-bullying charity single

Can a Ph.D. woman be happy with a nonintellectual man?

“having things in common is overrated. Having each other in common is what’s rare.” (via Best of MeFi)

The Pink Collar Future

“Jobs where empathy and “emotional intelligence” can be considered requirements, often personal service and “high touch” interactive positions, have by and large been immune to the creeping mechanization of the workplace. And here’s the twist: most of these empathy-driven jobs are performed by women.” This is a sci-fi bro movie waiting to happen.

Flaherty Should Cool Toronto’s Condo Market (Not Just Warn Us About It)

Realosophy argues for taxes that reduce speculation in the condo market. I agree – the measures that Flaherty has taken to reign in the housing market all make it harder for actual people to buy the land they want to live in.