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I’m not a “curator”

among other things, Marco Arment takes issue with “via” links. I used to not bother with them, but realized I do find it interesting where a given site found a link, so I try and provide them where possible. I think it’s only interesting for obscure links, not for newspaper articles, and it’s not always something you know / remember. I found it really odd how he conflates source and via links in the Daring Fireball example, but then I read the page that prompted his post and see that it’s done there too. Via = source, hat tip = via? Bullspit. The source link is the actual link, and “via” is how you got there. I got to Barrie via Highway 400. I got to this article about creative-commons licensed mashups via Boing Boing.

• March 13, 2012, 7:13 pm |