Angry Robot

Peace, Goodwill

Hipster, Please! on some good nerdy christmas tracks

Ninja Christmas

I still think this Snake Eyes christmas mashup from 2 years ago is really good:

But then again, I’m biased.

Best TV of 2011 – The A.V. Club

great list – lots of shows I haven’t seen, lots I have that are indeed great. Louie gets #1.

2010 Holiday Survival Guide for Slackers – The Morning News

I missed this last year but I’m guessing it’s still just as funny. “This year, give him the gift of sputtering rage with the Star Wars toaster. “You know, because you love Space Trek so much,” you will say as his neckbeard quivers with apoplexy.”

The Mysterious Yes

new blog by a couple friends, Beau and Julia

The Fall of the “Liberal Elite”

through the concept of the 99%

Fantasy Armor and Lady Bits


Patton Oswalt gets kicked out of the Alamo Drafthouse


Film Studies Ryan Gosling


The Done Manifesto

according to this manifesto, man am I in trouble.

Give Me Something To Read Highlights of 2011

long plane ride helper

Steven Frank: UNITINU

The Year In Film 2011

it’s that time of year… Listmas!

Flood Maps

dial in a sea level rise height and see the result. 1 degree of global warming = as much as 20m rise. (via)

Family Guy writer's first-person account of his Occupy LA arrest

Android: A Visual History

Screenplay Markdown Lives!

Marked, an app for creating screenplays in markdown-style syntax

Atlas Shrugged Part 1 (My World Of Flops)

“handcuffs amateurish, borderline-incoherent pulp to juvenile, unfeasible ideology”

Don't Be A Free User

actually, one thing I really liked about Pinboard was that it cost a one-time fee, not a recurring charge. But I especially like that paying for stuff on the web makes it less likely to have ads.

Tom Bissell on The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim

“A massive interactive system, thoughtfully designed, that allowed for player experiences of nearly infinite variety: Here, finally, was a clear argument for what video games might actually be for.” I felt the same way about oblivion. I see the point about Skyrim’s dialogue, but I don’t see as that big a deal (it’s really not a huge amount of play time). We won’t get compelling video game conversations until we’re actually talking to the game. (via)