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A Sister’s Eulogy for Steve Jobs

oh wow.

Down the rabbit hole

hilarious recollections of The Mad Hatter. I’m pretty sure I went there at some point, but the memory is shrouded in mystery…

She Was A Camera

reflection on camgirl history. I don’t totally understand why it stopped though.

Comedy Rebrand

The look of The Comedy Network, the channel I work for (along with SPACE), is changing next week and I have been snowed under with all the work that entails. Everything my department does – all the promos IDs, bumpers, tags etc – had to be replaced. It’s exciting work though and we’re all really happy with the new look.

To make ourselves just a little bit busier, we also did a teaser campaign about the new logo. Here are the spots. In case you’re too lazy to click that, here are two:

There’s one more spot that only starts airing on tuesday – I’ll post it here shortly thereafter.

Hell freezes over: Forrester urges IT to support the Mac


What's Really Next for Apple in Television

Siri as the new remote. The big problem though is that big content and the cable/sat providers still control the industry. If Apple is seen as a threat, big content can stop licensing the shows, and cable providers can make non-bundled internet accounts prohibitively expensive. But perhaps Apple is planning on buying all the studios and starting its own ISP with all that cash.

Steven Spielberg says you should blame George Lucas for that last Indiana Jones movie

The 30 Harshest Filmmaker-on-Filmmaker Insults In History

aka Vincent Gallo is a pig piece of s#!% and should shut the hell up

Vince Gilligan walks us through Breaking Bad’s fourth season (Part 4 of 4)

with links to the previous three entries. Must-read for fans of the show.

CHARTS: Here's What The Wall Street Protesters Are So Angry About…


“How Toronto Lost Its Groove” by John Lorinc