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Jimmy Wales – controversy

Wikipedia co-founder edited his wikipedia page to remove references to the other co-founder. Wow. This isn’t new, but it’s such beautiful irony.

Art into action: Design collaborators building community one power house at a time

update on Mitch Cope and Gina Reichert, the artists who are buying up cheap homes in Detroit (via BCL)

the economy as heard in music that sounds like a nosedive back into the uterus, or getting into Baths

Pitchfork Reviews Reviews on the economic underpinnings of chillwave music

New music: David Lynch – Good Day Today

electropop single from America’s favourite surrealist

Blogrolls, Trolls, and Interior Scrolls: A Conversation with Natacha Stolz

(via MeFi)

How Germany got it right on the economy

fascinating. They kept their manufacturing & emphasized local growth over global expansion.

Spin A Yarn, Granny!

about the growth of yarn bombing. I’ve seen it in Windsor, but not Toronto yet.

Stop The Meter On Your Internet Use

petition against usage-based billing being forced on indie ISPs in Canada

This shouldn’t seem hot

gallery of confusingly sexy photos

American Stonehenge: Monumental Instructions for the Post-Apocalypse

takin’ it back to ’09 for a minute. Pretty amazing story; via the Arcade Fire site.


“Only a person who is mentally and spiritually complete can draw a true ensō.” It’s a fucking circle: awesome.


I have not seen this film but the trailer makes me want to:

Via Ebert and I think also MeFi recently.

Worse to Come, Says Ireland's 'Dr. Doom'

poor old Ireland.

How to Shrink a City

Details of, and ideas for, Detroit’s plan to sensibly shrink itself. The plan involves renaturalized zones, urban farming, and light rail. “The best way to predict the future is to create it.”

16 pedestrians hit by cars in 48 hours, no thanks to weather

also ‘due to people wearing darker clothing and “pedestrians often keep their head down to fare the elements.”’ So it’s the weather and the pedestrians’ fault, got it.

The Theory of Hipster Relativity

(via Waxy)

Toronto streets to be living movie set

imitation New York, Chicago and London neighbourhoods that people will actually live in. Next we will replace the CN Tower with a replica statue of liberty.


new album, now available. Download server seems overloaded though.

Intel on Fringe's Evolution from the Executive Producers

interesting behind-the-scenes about what has become one of my favourite genre shows.

Nail Houses And The Stay-Down City

nail houses are a Chinese phenomenon that occur when a homeowner refuses to leave in the face of a large scale development. Great photos.

Kinect Hacks

Microsoft’s new super-Wii has already been hacked, and there are some interesting things happening. Here’s a list. Love these images:

Also, it can essentially function as a 3D camera, as this video shows:

Wonder what will happen when people figure out how to string two or three together.

Conan O'Brien Beats Jay Leno In The Ratings

beats everyone, in fact.

A Superpower in Decline: Is the American Dream Over?

I struggle with what to add here – perhaps some warnings that these ‘decline of empire’ pieces are becoming as generic as the Detroit ruin porn that prefigured them by a couple years. The authors have clearly been reading their Matt Taibbi, too. But nonetheless the piece effectively crystallizes a number of saddening trends, and signifies that in the world’s eye, the US is transitioning from capitalism’s hero a mere decade ago to its greatest victim.

Listening To Rap For The First Time, With A Book Critic

Getting Made The Scorsese Way

those involved with Goodfellas talk about its creation. Includes Scorsese, De Niro, Liotta, etc.