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Amazon Kindle Third Generation Review

sounds pretty good. The only thing that tempts me to upgrade is the improved contrast screen. Everything else with the Kindle is already plenty great.

When Juggalos attack: A firsthand account of the Tila Tequila incident at the Gathering Of The Juggalos

Phosphor E-Ink Watch

good idea (via A wholelotta)

Playing it safe: The A.V. Club’s fall/holiday 2010 games preview

sequelitis runs rampant. I’m penciling in Halo Reach and Civ 5 for september.

Geek Studies » Scott Pilgrim vs. the Cultural Critique

“the pop culture image of the nerd is finally catching up to the self-image of the nerd”

Sony Gets Desperate: Releases Second App Store Smear Ad

There’s a germ of truth in these ads: a lot of iPhone games are so casual as to be fluff, and I personally find the virtual joysticks found in a lot of the more advanced games to be borderline unusable. That said, the PSP’s sales are clearly being decimated by the iPhone and iPod Touch – as if they weren’t having enough trouble competing with the DS.

Man dies from head injuries in bike crash and fuels helmet debate

“It is known that helmets are of very limited value in the event of a collision with a car… The promotion of helmets implicitly shifts responsibility of care to the cyclist and away from drivers, and away from the provision of safer streets by means of street calming or bicycle facilities.” Why not do both. I personally wear a helmet all the time, but I still want better bike lanes and safer motorists.

Visualizing the Creative Process

“like a snake swallowing a series of tennis balls” I usually cringe when people try and talk about ‘the creative process’ but this is decent.

YouTube – Return of the Jedi Missing Lightsaber Scene

would have been the opening scene

'too hard to keep' archive

‘I have started an archive of photographs deemed “too hard to keep.”‘

The Interactive Way To Go

how to play Go

Game Design Essentials: 20 Real-World Games

an analysis of some board, card and paper games with a view to lessons that can be applied to video games.

Folk music, viral weirdness, and the Ballad of Steven Slater

Simon Pegg on the merits of slow zombies

“speed simplifies the zombie, clarifying the threat and reducing any response to an emotional reflex … a quick thrill at the expense of a more profound sense of dread.”

The Swell Season covers  Neutral Milk Hotel

The protags from “Once”. His facial expressions while singing are so intense.

The YouTube 'Bed Intruder' Meme: A Perfect Storm of Race, Music, Comedy And Celebrity

(via Funkaoshi)

The Hot Blog: New Toys

David Poland on the cable alternatives like Hulu, Netflix streaming etc.