Angry Robot

Media Diary Day 2

Not much to report. Watched 24 and like ten minutes of Holmes on Homes, which I have developed a taste for after watching the Holmes in Katrina special. There is something elemental about it. The houses’ cracks always belie massive structural problems, which ALWAYS require a sweeping teardown, in which the house must be destroyed in order to be saved. I’m not sure if it’s a mythological retelling of the Bush administration, or a wish-fulfillment fantasy in which kind Canadians restore order and righteousness to the world.

24, well, you either like it or you don’t. (And talk about your Bush retellings. Is torture America’s greatest export or what? In today’s economic climate, can Obama really afford to close Guantanamo and stop extraordinary renditions?) Anyway, I’m certainly enjoying Evil Tony, but it seems inevitable that Jack will flip his Evil switch back to Good at some point.

Jack said “Right now, he’s our only lead.” Take a drink.

Other than that, I played about 10 minutes of Crisis Core. I know it has a more elaborate name than that. Now I loved Final Fantasy VII, and I loved Zelda (A Link to the Past). Why is it that I can’t seem to get into any jRPGs anymore? My suspicion is that I’ve simply grown tired of their mechanics. However, I still have a tolerance for Western RPGs, so perhaps the linearity of the Japanese games has grown tiresome. If all you get is the same story, having to press “A” over and over again for half an hour to get the next five minutes of it seems like a scammy way to have it delivered. Just render me off the cutscenes and call it a day, yo.