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More Post-Apocalyptic Real Estate

There were a couple news pieces about Detroit and the $100 home, following the Toby Barlow piece in the Times. Here’s one from ABC, and one from CNN.

Short version: artists are moving into Detroit, attracted by the low prices on vacant and gutted houses ($100-$3,000). These are houses in Hamtramck, which is still partially inhabited; it neighbours Highland Park, which is where Gran Torino was set. There are neighbourhoods in Detroit that are much, much worse.

I’m no expert, but the Anderson Cooper piece especially feels naive. Of course Gina Reichert and Mitch Cope will one-sidedly promote the opportunities in their neighbourhood. But at least ABC draws out the arson threat they had received. Remember that Detroit police can take 24 hours to respond to a homicide call, and realize you would have to gun up pretty hard to defend your nice new pile of wreckage. That said, a $14/month mortgage sounds pretty good right now. (via detroit unreal estate agency)