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Daytrotter Sessions

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With D recently writing about Fucked Up I thought it appropriate to chat a bit about Daytortter, as the hardcore band from Toronto recently stopped by this middle-of-nowhere musical cauldron to stir up a fucked up session. I have a lot of respect for the crew at Daytrotter. In the crowded sea of music reviews and band interviews all scrambling to be the first to break news and discover artists, Daytrotter, and in particular their Daytrotter Sessions, look to interact with music in a way that produces something that adds and not subtracts, something with value and something that provides genuine insight. Their approach is simple: Invite bands as their traveling through America’s heartland (as they put it) to drop by their space, hangout, eat some food and play some music. These impromptu jam sessions lend bands an opportunity to experiment with old songs and test out new ideas. The sessions breath the electricity of witnessing something set sail with an end yet to be determined, where creating something good is only an option and whose guts and brash attitude towards their music can’t be denied. In the end the band and Daytrotter are left with a handful of recorded songs which they post to their site. With the tweaks and twists of post production stripped away these sessions give listeners a new angle and perspective on some great bands. Akin to La Blogotheque’s Take Away Shows or Pitchfork’s Juan’s Basement, Daytrotter is heading in a direction in which media should go; interacting with bands in a way that gets beyond the surface and leaving the world with added value instead of lost time. Plus they have some cool ass artists creating poster art of the bands that swing on by.