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A Day in the Park

I have a problem. I have a Halo addiction and I am told the first step is to admit I have a problem.

So… I’ve been drawing my ASS off… trying to get AS many comics done as I can before my life gets super busy (with an income, as a bonus!) I’ve been trying to come up with comics to do because there has been a shortage of games recently, but with the upcoming Grand Theft Auto 4 (or NAMBLA for those who love acronyms) and others I will soon be rolling in happiness again.

I’ve been craving Battlestar Galactica

but…I am too cheap to buy it. As a bonus though Nadine and I do have the Ark of Truth, which is admittedly not as COOL as Battlestar, but it’ll do…

Anyway, have a good one.

7 comments on "A Day in the Park"

  1. Nadine says:

    Stargate = A Good, Sexy, Fun-loving Time!

    Love the comic, love your take on flood spores!

    Yes, you are an addict, but that’s a good thing. Come Blackout that’s all we’ll be playing… Ever.

  2. toku says:

    I told you
    Blackout can kiss the fattest part of my ass…
    I hated it in 2… I hate the clone they made for three
    I will hate the Remake of the one from 2 they made to replace the clone in 3.

    Now Ghost Town, that looks sweet

  3. D says:

    You didn’t like Lockout? Wha!!? Thought everyone loved that map. Why, dare I ask?

    Ghost town does look sweet. Can’t wait!

  4. toku says:

    meh, Lots of reasons
    it’s too crowded, I like more open maps with nice nooks and hidaways to use as cover… for that reason I LOVE Rat’s Nest, the Pit, whatever that new Zanzibar map is called in 3… I hate it when you can fall off the map so easily because it takes longer to respawn… I don’t like how it feels… it feels claustrophobic and tight. I hate maps that leave you continually running the risk of being shotgunned, hammered, or energy sworded from around a corner, and lockout provides HUGE abuse for such things as that.

    None of the elements on this map mesh well with my personal style of gaming. It’s the kind of map that instills Halo-Rage in me…. very easily…

  5. D says:

    I tell you we could OWN on this map – one person takes the sniper, the other takes sword or shotgun. We hold BR tower; sniper blasts people from long range and the sword guards against anyone coming up the stairs behind.

    There’s a long range play on every map, I says!

  6. smbm says:

    i love lockout!!

    so i will be looking forward to it’s blacker version on 3.

    we need to get an Ethernet cable so we can get destroyed by you blokes, that is until we get more familiar with the 360 controls and halo 3’s nuances.

  7. elisabeth bennett says:

    on a less halo-related note, i too am looking forward to battlestar galactica. I am going to watch the entire thing this summer. that and read nothing but books i want to read, nothing but stephen king, r. scott bakker and robin hobb.

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