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Attention AV Nerds!

Hey, this is pretty cool: TweakTV, a site with a database of ideal HDTV calibration settings. A lot of HDTVs come with bad factory default settings, often amping the colour to ludicrous levels so as to show off on the showroom floor. If your model is in TweakTV’s database, they’ll tell you how to adjust it to get a better picture.

In an ideal world, I’d test it out at home before posting this, but last time I checked we’re all still sweating it out in God-Emperor Cheney’s Heck House, so I’ll give myself a pass for now. I’ll update this later when I get a chance to AV-geek it out. (thanks Karim!)

2 comments on "Attention AV Nerds!"

  1. smbm says:

    my tv is not in the list yet…

    maybe soon.

    that is a cool site though…thanks! see ya tomorrow!

  2. D says:

    Ya man! Yeah, not sure how thorough it is. It had mine, but not Karim’s.

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