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Easter = Dark Messiah Might and Magic: Elements!

Well, I hope everyone had a relaxing long weekend, some had Friday off, some had Monday, most had Saturday and Sunday. Whatever your mix, I hope it was spent in happiness.

Mine was spent in abject fascination with Ubisoft’s Dark Messiah Might and Magic: Elements. You know it only occurs to me now that irony of playing this game on Easter…

My cousin Dom and I (went to a family event on the weekend and ate so much food) played this bugger for the entire weekend and I have oh so much to tell! It’s five parts hilarious, two parts horrible, and three parts we’re still playing it, so if that tells you anything…then, well, you are an alchemist.

Here’s the trailer again to refresh those memory engrams.

But good gods people the script is so funny sometimes! And the voice acting! Oh man, Dom and I were at once creeped out beyond measure and tickled pink at the sheer comedic gold of the line delivery. The game should almost be played purely for the dialogue alone. It’s like watching a “so bad it’s good movie” but in game terms. For serials.

I’ll have the full tested article later in the the week after we’ve finished the game, but I think you can tell which way I’m leaning…

4 comments on "Easter = Dark Messiah Might and Magic: Elements!"

  1. D says:

    I played halo 3, and some halo 3, and also a touch of halo 3.
    We’re totally having waaaaaay better luck in halo 3 matchmaking than we ever did in halo 2. Props to bungie for doing whatever it is that they did to make the skill matchups better, I guess.

  2. Nadine says:

    Halo 2 matchmaking…I don’t even remember the days…Halo 3 is so much more fun what with medals and awesome ranks and all.

  3. D says:

    We never played much H2 matchmaking cause we just got smoked all the time. But now Chris and I can win 6 in a row. And most of the time when we lose, it’s still a close game. Which is way better!

  4. toku says:

    yeah… except those crazy two guys who handed our assess to us…. that was sad

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