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The Beginning of the End!

So, I’ve been introduced to this fantastic website… a website that lets you design your own avatar and then make comics with them. It’s very addictive. What is the name of this amazing website you might ask?


If you are checking it out, please… check out some of the stuff we’ve been doing (look up Christopher w, Nadine, or Daragh.) We’ve been making series, making friends, and all kinds of other Conan and Terminator related stuff.

The interface is very easy to use. It’s point and click and drag… each character can be given an array of various customizable expressions, different styles of word balloons can be coloured and stretched…

It’s fun… it’s simple

For a moment I feared for my comic career seeing this site. It was described as “YouTube for comics” and about a day into using it I realized that, like YouTube, there is alot of junk out there. But it is entirely worth sifting through because there is some fantastic stuff that is downright hilarious amongst the plethora of inside jokes and nonsequitoria. (I am officially making that a word.)

For an example, this is the comic I made. I am egotistical enough to let you know it became number one on the site for two days:

A word on this weeks Eyeless Max comic… it’s not serious, I have nothing against bitstrips… it’s a joke… lighten up.

I took a new tactic for designing this comic. I took pictures of myself posing in various stances and then drew Eyeless Max in my place. I didn’t trace, but pretty close to it. It was a pain in the ass, but Max looks good. We will see if I keep it up… it was a helluva lotta work.

For now… enjoy this random picture of me I used to transform into an Eyeless Max. I was hideously sick in this picture. I hope you like it.

3 comments on "The Beginning of the End!"

  1. elisabeth bennett says:

    i like that you really own that shirt.

  2. Nadine says:

    Ha! I love this! I also love bitstrips, but I don’t think comic artists have to worry too much, it still takes dedication to do a strip even if it’s just drag and drop.

    Your new technique is amazing!! The clothes are great!

  3. toku says:

    Wow, you guys are all over the replies… thanks!
    so yes, the new technique looks awesome… I might keep it up.

    I wasn’t really worried for the sake of online comics… I think it is a medium that can only be helped by the attention it will receive due to the use of bitstrips, not hurt…

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