Angry Robot

Oh God No….Why God Please No…

So I’m visiting my sister, wanted to show her all my neat Live Games.

Except that when I downloaded the games I was in the living room where I used my hardrive on my roomate Russell’s console. I downloaded many games with my hardrive at the console at I used at work as well. My account and memory + their box, it saved lugging the bitch around all the time. Bad, and very stupid, idea. So now I can only use my games when I am signed into Live.

I can’t sign into Live at my sister’s place. So no games for me. Also, that sucks. Also, that super sucks. And also I am stupid and lame for thinking that it was the hardrive that had all the important reading shite in it and not the stupid box itself. I’m stupid for not knowing that you cannot simply download your game to your hardrive and have it forever no worries.

So I’m stupid.

But so is that logic.