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When money isn't enough…

I played Kingdom Under Fire: Circle of Doom recently. I use the full name out of a loathing of acronyms (MIB, FFVIIFFXIII, and others… who talks like that, really?) Part of the game involves killing monsters in order to gain various abilities. This is far from the first game I’ve played that employs similar traits. Something occurred to me; why am I doing this? I mean… why do I need to kill in order to learn abilities? What are they doing with the severed heads of my enemies? Making soup?

So why was there not a comic last week? several reasons…

a) I was on the Master Cleanse
For those who don’t know, it means only consuming a mixture of water, maple syrup, lemon juice and cayenne for ten days. It’s meant to clean your system out of toxins so you can start a healthy diet. For the duration of the cleanse I didn’t want to make a comic… all I wanted to do was BAKE… alot…

b) I was in Ottawa at my Mom’s house…
she claims that the password to her network is “Gandalf” but spelled like “Gandolf”… she lies, it isn’t… and evidently no one on her street has unguarded wireless networks.

My final thought…
I’ve never played ANY of the Final Fantasy game… and now I really want to.

4 comments on "When money isn't enough…"

  1. D says:

    C’mon guy, with an acronym like KUF: COD, you gotta use that.

    You should totally try FFVII.

  2. Nadine says:

    It is Kufcod isn’t it…how odd.

  3. elisabeth bennet says:

    you are missing out on final fantasy…
    even I play those games and i’m not even a nerd like you.

  4. toku says:

    well, I’ve borrowed nine, and I completely plan on playing them all out of order… maybe not 8… 8 looks broody

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