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Speaking of Memories!

This is more of a speed run with skipping through most of the text, but that’s okay by me. I know the story, I just never got to finish it because of that damned, damned cartridge…oh the pain…

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  1. beaver says:


    you found this? oh my god, it like RUSHES back!
    this was like the best game ever – dude – oh we spent so long such a wonderful journey, such a good game. It was the greatest thing, and the frellin cartridge was busted at the VERY LAST BOSS BATTLE. it got stuck in this stupid freeze where just as the like bad guy has been beaten like a lot – was it a huge head? – anyways it got stuck up at the top of the screen and wouldn’t come down and after all that…oh jeepers. such pain. such pain. oh we tried and tried, resetting it loads just praying it was a one time glitch…

    Thanks for this dude.

    powerful sums it up nice

  2. Nadine says:

    Yeah for serious. Old games shape the very core of us…

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