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Forge and Foundry and Frustration

So D and I have been going a little nuts with Forge and Foundry in Halo 3. Together we created a map that every Geek must do at one point or another, an interpretation of Helm’s Deep. We set it up as a capture the flag map with loads of heavy artillery, man-cannons and even an exploding wall (which is way to much fun to commit suicide on.)

My only gripe with it. It’s a HUGE pain in the ass to get anything straight with the tools you are given. It’s like drawing engineering schematics using a crayon taped to the end of a ten-foot pole.

I am really hoping to try a game one day that involves a team slayer match wherein each side has their own “creator” that has to quickly provide a base and weapons.

maybe that’s just my dream…

4 comments on "Forge and Foundry and Frustration"

  1. D says:

    Wow, I just posted a thing about forge at like exactly the same time! Are we obsessed or what. I’m heading back in there now, FWIW.

    Great strip.

  2. toku says:

    Yeah, should we attempt the contest?
    We may be in over our heads with that

  3. toku says:

    damn it’s over, nevermind

  4. beaver says:

    hello mr toku,
    I like your comic it is nice! I like your character because he has no eyes and that his name is eyeless max. I am writing like an elementary school student because I am procrastinating and have dishes to do, but for serial.

    this is a good one.

    cheers for years!

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