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Evil Inc.


I am developing my evil laugh this week. I’ve been Practicing at home in the bath, and I am sure my neighbours think I am insane, which they may be right about.

The inclusion of Pinhead is a dedication to my friend Ken, who once carved a pumpkin into him for Halloween (he didn’t use nails, I am still impressed.) I will know doubt get some flak for naming a tetris piece “the most evil” but… screw you, that piece has gotten in my way more times then you can imagine. Curse you!!…

Oh, at the figure to the far right in the first panel is Evil Uhura from Star Trek. I love her. She’s sexy. She’s Evil. She deserves a place beside the most evil of us all.

Sorry I am a bit late. I helped some people move this week and fell a little behind. Rest assured I will be back on schedule next week… hopefully with the sketches I promised two weeks ago. Or maybe I’ll just leave you dangling for those week after week.

Then I’d have something REALLY evil to laugh about in the tub.

3 comments on "Evil Inc."

  1. Nadine says:

    But what happens?!! How can you do a to be continued!! Isn’t there like a law against to be continued use in comics!

    Evil indeed…

  2. Jordan says:

    Tricky Tetris piece is indeed funny. Otherwise I hope you get hit by a bus.

    Keep em coming.

  3. Some person says:

    Thanks for helping us move. Nala says “sniff”. 🙂

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