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The Halo Marathon: The Video

Here’s the complete video of us dorks ODing on Halo on saturday.

The Angry Robot Halo Marathon from Angry Robot on Vimeo.

Big thanks to Chetan, Chris and Steve for taking part. And now back to Halo 3.

3 comments on "The Halo Marathon: The Video"

  1. emma says:

    oh my garsh…

    ya’ll are the sweetest tits ever.

    thanks for being you.

    we love you.
    all of me does love you.

    and i hope you are loving halo three…you deserve it.


  2. smbm says:

    nice job everyone!!

    your disgusted reaction to rock star energy drink makes me want to go out and guzzle one just to see what it’s like. i’ve only ever had a couple sips of redbull in the past, and nothing else.

    is it actually made from the sweat of rockstars? or do rockstars have little glands that excrete this “tang done wrong” flavoured beverage??

    i can see lenny kravitz or steven tyler being sucked dry of it right now. i think steven tyler was sucked dry of it a while ago. maybe that’s what happened to keith richards?

  3. D says:

    I really don’t recommend you guzzle anything of the sort. It could indeed be formed from the drained adrenal glands of hasbeen rockstars, perhaps that’s what gives it that taste o’ hell.

    Stick to the redbull for serious.

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