Angry Robot

The Future of Angry Robot

The robot only gets angrier.

Nah, basically I wanted to say what the plans are for the site. I’m opening it up to other writers, notably Nadine and Mark. I’m not expecting daily posts from them, but at least we will expand the gaming coverage beyond the 360, a weakness of the site at the moment since that’s the only console I have. That said, I will get a DS before year’s end and a PS3 when the price drops. But I mean Nadine has every console.

The podcast will continue at some point, although we’ll have to do it a bit more live. The biggest constraint on the site, of course, is time. I’d love to make multiple posts a day, do a video podcast, etc. but life and other projects get in the way. But I’ll continue to post about whatever interests me, and at least the links will come fast and hard, like angry robot sex.