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Yet More Dull Site News

What’s been happening around here? I went to Wisconsin, which was
tornado-tastic! Other than that, mostly I’ve been preparing a new design and
shopping around for a new blog system. First I was thinking EE, then <a
href=””>WordPress, but both of them are in dire
need of some user manual action. Now I’m thinking <a
href=””>TextPattern. Thrilling huh? If you
actually think so, read on!

I have a very specific site architecture in mind, and for some dumb reason
the URLs have to match. I want to be the photo site with
only photos, /blog/ be only blog entries, /brief/ will hold shit like quick
links and one line film reviews, and so on. However, I want to
have a reverse-chronologically ordered listing of all of the above, href=””>J-Ko stylee. Thing is these entries have to
be presented differently depending on whether they are photos, quicklinks,
or what. I know WordPress can do it as founder href=””>Matt’s site is rockin’ that look, and EE
can presumably do that and a lot more.. but damned if I’m going to learn PHP
just to sort that shit out. I mean c’mon.

Now I was always disappointed that Dean Allen forewent href=””>textism in favour of making a CMS, textpattern. He was kind of an inspirational blogger for me, I guess, and it bugged me that he wasn’t writing anything anymore, and I viewed textpattern as sort of a waste of time. But it was a fucking revelation to look at it the other day. Now it doesn’t have a manual (it’s still in ‘gamma’,) but it’s so freaking well thought out, and importantly, from a writer’s point of view. It’s a thing of beauty. Moreover the thing I want to do, well textpattern’s ‘section’ concept is designed to accomplish just that. No tinkering or what have you.

Ante-ceding that revelation was another, awesome! discovery: TextDrive. Dean is starting a hosting company, and rather than get venture capital involved he put out an irresistible offer. $200 for a year of hosting, with the best specs I’ve seen (1GB space / 10gigs transfer / 20 mySQL databases / IMAP / WebDAV / more). After that… free hosting. For as long as his company exists. Basically, if it lasts two years it’s a awesome deal, and if it lasts longer, it keeps getting awesomer. So yes I got in on that shit and am now one of the ‘VC 200’. Deal’s closed now, but I’m sure the introductory rates will be also be rock n’ roll.


What I will do is set up the new server and tinker with a new textpattern installation thereon. When it’s all ready to rock, and I’ve seamlessly moved ÿ and king, I’ll switch up the DNS and we can all revel in the new glory. Should be a couple weeks at least, as I still have tons of designing/migrating to do. So if I don’t say much here, that’s why.

2 comments on "Yet More Dull Site News"

  1. josh says:

    I got in on that hott Dean action, too, even though I’ve been perfectly happy with MT and my webhost and even though my site is so dumbed-down at this point that I hardly even need a CMS, let alone 20 MySQL databases whatever those are. But I’m not made of stone, man.

  2. D says:

    Yeah, sort of the same story. I’m very happy with my existing host; the only things I’m missing are IMAP and WebDAV, really. But hey, you gotta live the dream.

    Josh, have you looked at textpattern? I think you’d diggit.

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